So here we are the annual spectacular, the biggest night of the wrestling/sports entertainment calendar. It’s ‘The Ultimate Thrill-Ride’, otherwise know as Wrestlemania 33. Here is The Bean Entertainment’s preview of the show of shows, no messing around let’s get to it…


So first up we have the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. There’s only going to be one winner here and that’s Braun Strowman. The fact that he’s even in this match is a bit disappointing, especially considering how he’s been booked and the feuds he has been in recently. It would really damage him if he gets eliminated and it won’t really hurt anyone else if they lose. It also really sucks that American Alpha and The Usos are in this, two of the best tag teams in the entire company. They deserve better!

WM 33 Cruiserweight

King Neville vs Austin Aires (Cruiserweight Championship)

When it was first announced this was going to be on the kick-off show I wasn’t too pleased. However Austin Aires made a great point about making the pre-show must see now that he is on it and I think he’s right. This match has the potential to steal the whole show, both are extremely talented guys who have the ability to put on a great match. It’s too soon for Aires to win the belt, plus heel Neville has been fantastic both in the ring and on the mic so would be good to see him hold the belt a little (a lot) longer. So King Neville to retain.

WM 33 Raw Tag Titles

Enzo & Cass vs The Club vs Ceasaro and Seamus (Raw Tag Team Championship)

It will be absolutely criminal if Enzo & Cass don’t win the gold Sunday night. It’s going to be a great match though, every time Ceasaro steps into a ring he creates something special. Cass and Seamus could possibly put on a decent enough scrap. The Club will probably try shenanigans to win the match but will ultimately be unsuccessful.  Enzo & Cass to walk out champs.

WM 33 Smackdown women

All available women on the roster. (Smackdown Live Women’s Championship)

The fact that this match wasn’t given as much attention as the Raw women is a bit of shame because they are some very talented ladies on Smackdown Live. They also made a mistake in bringing Naomi back too soon. They should have brought her back at Wrestlemania itself especially as it’s in her home town of Orlando. So it’s more than likely that she’ll walk out with the gold come Sunday unless a heel uses under handed tactics to win. I’ll go with Naomi to become champ.

WM 33 IC title

Dean Ambrose vs Baron Corbin (Intercontinental Championship)

This is going to be a proper fight. In reality it should be no DQ or a ladder match or something of that sort but we have just a normal 1 on 1 match. I expect Baron to win here following his victory in the battle royale last year, not that that holds much prestige though. His push will continue here with his first title reign.


Chris Jericho vs Kevin Owens (United States Championship)

The build for this match has been incredible and has produced some of the best non-wrestling segments on WWE TV in a very long time. If you still aren’t recovering from the festival of friendship then you may have no soul. I joke of course but we should be in for a treat here. Due to Jericho going on tour with Fozzy post-mania it is likely KO will pick up the victory here, but Y2J is a veteran and will definitely put in a great performance.

WM 33 Raw women

Bayley vs Charlotte Flair vs Sasha Banks vs Nia Jax (Raw Women’s Championship)

Now that Charlotte’s PPV streak is over it makes this match a little harder to predict. However I think Charlotte will walk away victorious. Nia will be pretty dominate as is her character and will eliminate Sasha first. Then Nia will be eliminated leaving Charlotte and Bayley. Sasha will come back and cost Bayley the match leading to a Charlotte victory.

WM 33 AJ Shane

Shane O Mac vs AJ Styles

Any match that involves AJ Styles is going to be top draw. It’s Shane O Mac at Mania so we know he is probably going to do something stupid. It’s going to be a great match. AJ Styles should win this quite comfortably. He is one of the greatest in ring performers of all time and to lose to a non-wrestler especially Shane would damage his credibility with WWE so much. WWE cannot afford to lose such an asset.

WM 33 Seth HHH

Seth Rollins vs Triple H (Non-sanctioned match)

Another one that’s going to be a proper fight. Triple H’s entrance is going to be spectacular, especially after the news that Metallica are going to be playing. Samoa Joe will probably get involved here and try and attack Rollins. However as we all know Finn Balor is ready to return do we see him here? It will certainly make an impact and the pop from the crowd would be huge. However it could be saved for the Raw the night after as that night is always as special if not more so. Seth should win here to provide a nice pay-off to this feud.

WM 33 Power Couples

John Cena & Nikki Bella vs The Miz & Maryse

Some of the promos leading up to this match have provided so much needed hype for it. That isn’t really that surprising with Cena and The Miz being two of the best on the mic. As cringey as it is that it is just a hype job for Total Bellas it should be a fun match. I want The Miz and Maryse to win but Cena and Nikki will probably be the ones to win. I really hope that proposal doesn’t happen after the match that will just be too much.

WM 33 Taker Reigns

The Undertaker vs Roman Reigns

This match has the potential to make or break the entire show. I’m going to try and keep this brief. The only way that they can have Reigns win is if Roman goes full on heel and cheats to win. Since this is possibly Takers last ride I’m hoping he goes out with a win.

WM 33 Goldberg Brock

Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar (WWE Universal Championship)

One of the most controversial matches on the card. Not the rightful main-event and should not go on last. Lesnar is obviously going full on beast and destroying Goldberg walking away as the new universal champ.

WM33 WWE title

Bray Wyatt vs Randy Orton (WWE Championship)

Really looking forward to this one. Bray has been so deserving of this title run but it’s a shame that we haven’t actually seen much of him on TV. I want him to carry on as champion. I’m thinking we are going to see Luke Harper try and get involved but we’ll get a returning Erik Rowan to stop this and we’ll get a new Wyatt family to finish what I’m sure will be a great show.

I hope you enjoyed The Bean Entertainment’s Wrestlemania preview. Enjoy the show!

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